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RODEON piXposer

RODEON piXposer
RODEON piXposer RODEON piXposer RODEON piXposer RODEON piXposer
Brand: Clauss Clauss
Product Code: 305 000 0033
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CA$ 10,880.00


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RODEON piXposer - stable and precisely for maximum focal lengths

The new RODEON piXposer replaces the RODEON VR Head HD and elevates itself into new heights of technical precision.

Do you create reproductions and photographs with ease in the three-digit gigapixel range?

The RODEON piXposer is the flagship of the RODEON piX Series, and worldwide "State of the Art" in the field of gigapixel photography. This fully automatic pan-tilt head sets itself apart from other models by its enormous rigidity and payload because of the "Double-U" construction. This feature, paired with the high precision and strength of the gears, as well as the magnetic brake at it's base plate, are the best combination for extreme high resolutions in the range of gigapixel imaging for use with long focal length telephoto lenses and heavy photographic equipment. Designed and manufactured for meeting highest requirements regarding stability, strength, and precision in photography and movies. Use your premium photo or film equipment together with the RODEON piXposer! This combination allows you to create technically perfect panoramic images and video pans in a quick and clean workflow, even under difficult conditions. Controlling software included.

With the heavy-duty gears, the RODEON piXposer can be positioned precisely without shaking, and then a 360° x 180° panorama of the highest detail is captured. It paves the way for shooting HDR images or high-resolution reproductions up to three-digit gigapixel resolution range. It's new WLAN 802.11b/g/n feature - our world first - allows for wireless and operating system independent control, the requirement for a high degree of professionalism.

You can use any of your favorite operating system - whether (Windows, Windows RT, Mac OS X, Chromium OS, Unix, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Blackberry, etc... as long as a web browser is installed on the device, nothing can prevent you from controlling the RODEON piXposer.

With this technical development, the operation is a minor matter - you can fully concentrate on the creation of your masterpiece. Even the most diverse operating units are individually interchangeable within a very short time... you can easily switch back and forth between smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC in a snap - like a visit to your favorite website.

Should specific requirements of the environment in your situation not permit the use of WLAN, a change to the LAN connection cable is possible at any time. It is also controlled by the high level of professionalism - Do not be a slave to technology!

The user settings made during the panoramic shoot can now no be safely stored on the device itself through the built-in SD Card interface: the RODEON piXposer settings can be transferred as user profile quickly and easily, accessed in the control panel or be stored on the memory card making processing of records fast and simple.

It's even simpler: with the RODEONpreview software, you can also preview immediately the full panorama during the capture process.

True to the motto "Never change a winning team" - of course, you can use your best professional photographic equipment - the RODEON piXposer is compatible with almost all DSLR and medium format cameras.

A Special Head For Special Requirements

Gigapixel photography techniques differs from common panoramic techniques especially since the equipment that has to be moved is heavier, that is, the rotary difference between two captured frames is much smaller and the requirements on stability between one image capture to the next is critical because of the smaller field of view. For these special requirements, the RODEON piXposer has been designed and has risen to international "State of the Art" standards.

Typically, for wide-angle and panoramic images, standard camera exposure settings are used. However, the use of HDR (high dynamic range) techniques have become popular where complete exposure bracketing is done at every camera position. The great stability of the RODEON piXposer during the whole exposure bracketing offers the best means for utilizing HDR techniques, even at highest zoom levels.

Projection flashbulbs can be mounted on the RODEON piXposer frame as well that follow the pan-tilt-movement synchronously with the camera.

Because of that, the RODEON piXposer is a real and much cheaper (!) alternative to large-scale scanners, which has already been proven by some of our costumers with spectacular projects.


OPTIONAL Controlling Software

rodeon-previewAll systems include the RODEONmodular browser-based controlling software via WLAN (802.11b/g/n) or LAN (RJ-45).

The RODEONpreview 2.x PRO (Windows only) is available as an optional software. With this full-featured software, aside from controlling the head, more functions are available providing support, planning and the realization of your project.

What's Included
  • Motorized Head
  • 11.1V 5200mAh Integrated Rechargable Battery (7 hrs operating time)
  • Battery Charger
  • Transportation Case
  • 2-year limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Camera NOT included
  • Camera Trigger Cable NOT included
    Please choose a corresponding Camera Trigger Cable for your camera under Accessories.
  • Physical Dimensions 480 x 345 x 66 mm
    Weight 5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs (incl. Battery)
    Max Focal Length 800mm or 2x400mm
    Max Payload 15 kg / 33 lb
    Software Control
    RODEONmodular browser-based control
    Compatible with any WLAN (802.11b/g/n) device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or PC) running any operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, Chromium OS, Unix, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.) with any internet browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc).
    Gear setup (Horizontal) 72,000 steps with magnetic brake
    Gear setup (Vertical) 72,000 steps with reference point
    Data interface WLAN (802.11b/g/n), LAN (RJ-45), SD Card